‘Nightmare’ for local wheelchair user

Motorists have been urged to be courteous.
Motorists have been urged to be courteous.

Motorists have been urged to be courteous after concerns were voiced about ‘inconsiderate’ parking in Larne.

An amputee from east Antrim contacted the Times to highlight problems encountered by wheelchair users in the Tullygarley and Glynn areas.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous said: “It’s a nightmare to try and get from one area to another. Cars have been parked over paths and double yellow lines and this has blocked my access in the wheelchair. I’ve had to go onto the road to get round parked vehicles and obstructed paths and this is dangerous.”

The resident had also reported the issue to the Department for Infrastructure.

Responding to a media query, a spokesperson for the Department said: “Where parking restrictions are marked on the road, for example yellow lines, those restrictions also apply to the pavement. Therefore parking tickets (PCNs) can be issued to vehicles which are parked in contravention of the restrictions. Footway parking is not permitted at any time along the length of urban clearways and PCNs can be issued to vehicles parked in contravention.

“Apart from urban clearways, there’s no general ban on footway parking. Where there are no parking restrictions marked on the road, PCNs can’t be issued to vehicles on the footway. If, however, a problem of obstruction arises as a result of vehicles parked on a footway, that situation is a matter for, and can be dealt with by, the PSNI. Drivers are urged to park legally and safely at all times. Inconsiderate parking which causes an obstruction in areas where there are no parking restrictions should be reported to the PSNI.”