Whitehead’s Time Traveller seeks roots of Larne’s ‘wild haired boy’

The postcard of the 'Wild Haired Boy' and (right) a message on the reverse.
The postcard of the 'Wild Haired Boy' and (right) a message on the reverse.

A Whitehead retailer has launched a search back through the decades of local history to find information on an unusual photograph.

Lisa McCormick, from The Vintage Time Travellers on Balmoral Avenue, bought the photograph through an online auction.

Titled ‘Wild Haired Boy and Tinplate Toy’, the captivating postcard image is believed to have been taken sometime in the 1920s by a photographer based in Larne.

“I like to source vintage stock for my shop with a local connection,” collector and expert Lisa said.

“It’s a great feeling to bring artefacts back to their natural home. So, when I saw this charming little fellow and his amazing hairstyle, I was intrigued to find out his backstory. We might even be able to reunite him with local family descendants.

“The Wild Haired Boy may be wearing a local school uniform and tie, but as the photo is black and white, it’s hard to identify. And we are still trying to decipher the embossed name of the photographer on the print, but the location is clearly Larne.”

The owner of the recently-opened vintage shop in Whitehead is appealing to the local community to find out more about the ‘Wild Haired Boy of Larne’.

“The handwritten note on the back of the photograph is so relevant as it’s a message of Christmas best wishes from Albert to Bella – were they his parents?” Lisa continued.

“It would be lovely to solve this mystery in time for Christmas and tell the story behind this intriguing and delightful image which is a time capsule of local history. But that is only going to happen with the help of the community to give us information to trace the ‘Wild Haired Boy’s’ roots.”

Lisa is asking for information about the identity of the boy, when and where the photo was taken, and if there are any of his relatives or descendants who can shed some light on his story.

“If you know anything about this photo, please get in touch on social media, email or just call into our shop in Whitehead for a chat as we are intrigued to find out more. Of course we will update the story on our social media accounts as it unfolds,” Lisa added.

The ‘Wild Haired Boy of Larne’ photo is on display until Christmas Eve in The Vintage Time Travellers’ shop window.

You can contact Lisa on Facebook @vintagetimetravellers, by telephone on 07803561747 or by email on thevintagetimetravellers@gmail.com