‘No capacity issues identified’ on school buses

No capacity issues have been identified.
No capacity issues have been identified.

Translink and Carrickfergus Academy have responded to allegations made about bus provision to the school.

The Carrick Times was contacted by PUP representative Jim McCaw, who claimed that on October 11, “children were told there was no room on the school bus at the 7.45am pickup point on the North Road.”

He added “there is not enough food at school meal times”.

Responding to the claims, a spokesperson for the Education Authority (EA) on behalf of Carrickfergus Academy said: “Pupils at the school do not receive home to school transport from EA. Translink is the school’s home to school transport provider. The school is not aware of any overcrowding issue.

“Carrickfergus Academy does not have any issues around food availability at meal times. There is adequate provision of food to accommodate all school pupils on a daily basis.”

A Translink spokesperson added: “We have not been made aware of any issues regarding this bus route.

“We have carried out a review of ticketing data and a census of passenger numbers and no capacity issues have been identified.”