‘Many services would be better carried out by local government’ says McDermott

Ulster Uhionist candidate John McDermott.
Ulster Uhionist candidate John McDermott.

Carrick Castle Ulster Unionist candidate John McDermott has said that the reorganisation of local government has left the new council “too remote from ratepayers”.

In a statement, Mr. McDermott added: “A lot of people who work for the council do a great job, however I get a strong feeling from speaking to people that the reorganisation of the councils has taken a lot of the local out of local government.

“There is too big a gap between the people and the town hall. This is especially acute for people in Carrickfergus when the town hall in question is now headquartered in Ballymena.

“I believe a trick was missed when the councils were amalgamated in that more meaningful functions could and should have been devolved from Stormont to councils. Functions like regeneration powers, local road maintenance and grass cutting. This all needs to be looked at again. there are many services which would be much better being carried out by local government.”