Police highlight fireworks dangers to Carrick schools


Police officers have been visiting schools in Carrick to highlight the dangers of drugs and fireworks.

Police say that fireworks, drugs and bullying are all “current issues” in Carrickfergus.

PSNI Carrickfergus has already warned against the use of illegal fireworks following “multiple complaints of youth-related anti-social behaviour”.

At the weekend, a number of people were spoken to, searched and a number of fireworks were recovered.

Residents in Carrick’s Woodburn estate have been complaining of fireworks being set off on a nightly basis.

A spokesperson for PSNI Carrickfergus told pupils: “The message being delivered is simple. Bullying is wrong on every level. Drugs can ruin your prospects, travel plans and your life. Fireworks require a licence for a reason. They can damage property and people.

“By the age of ten, you are criminally responsible for your actions, think about that.”