Donation drive raises awareness of ‘period poverty’

Attending the 'No Woman Left Without' event, hosted at Dobbins Inn.
Attending the 'No Woman Left Without' event, hosted at Dobbins Inn.

The organiser of a donation drive highlighting period poverty has praised the generous response from people in Carrickfergus.

Local woman Jane Robb was behind the ‘No Woman Left Without’ event, held at Dobbins Inn Hotel on May 1.

The evening saw a huge number of female sanitary items donated, including sanitary towels, tampons, underwear, wipes and other hygiene products.

It also featured input from Carrickfergus teen Ciara Murray, whose poster led the International Women’s Day (IWD) parade in March, and storyteller Janice Witherspoon.

Jane became familiar with the issue of period poverty partly through her involvement with The Homeless Period Belfast.

The volunteer-led campaign provides homeless and vulnerable women across the city with sanitary and other hygiene items.

Jane explained: “‘No Woman Left Without’ is a play on the IWD’s slogan, No Woman Left Behind. Imagine coping with your period when you have to choose between getting sanitary towels and feeding your children.

“My daughter, Lee started the Positive Carrickfergus Facebook page and I decided I wanted to do something locally, so I organised the donation drive.

"We had a very generous response on the night; Dobbins also provided free tea and coffee which was great.”

The items collected at the drive will be donated to the Carrickfergus foodbank, run by the Trussell Trust charity.

"In the future we're gong to be talking about ways of doing this that are more sustainable, such as reusable sanitary towels and moon cups," Jane added.