Whitehead committee left angered after council’s decision

Whitehead Community Association were left angry and disappointed after a controversial decision was made by the council in November 1985.

Monday, 23rd November 2015, 6:00 am

The council decided to adjourn business for one month, which meant a meeting that had been scheduled to take place with council representatives was delayed.

The community association felt that the political move would have had a real damaging affect on the people of the town.

Councillors had been due to meet members of the community association committee to discuss the future of Whitehead Community Centre on Balmoral Avenue.

The centre was in urgent need of improvements, and the committee feared that the council’s decision would be a set back.

Committee members and local Alliance Party Councillor, Janet Crampsey said: “The Whitehead Community Association is very angry and disappointed. The roof of the community centre particularly is in very bead condition and during the heavy rain it leaks.

“If we get another month of bad weather more damage will be caused and it will further deteriorate.

“Any more setbacks and the centre will be unusable.”