LARNE HALF MARATHON: East Antrim clubs round-up

Barn Runners at the Larne Half Marathon. INLT 12-924-CON
Barn Runners at the Larne Half Marathon. INLT 12-924-CON

Several East Antrim running clubs put their best foot forward at Saturday’s AES Larne Half Marathon.

Here’s your guide to how they all got on over the 13.1-mile route.

East Antrim Harriers at the Larne Half Marathon. INLT 12-923-CON

East Antrim Harriers at the Larne Half Marathon. INLT 12-923-CON


Over 50 East Coast AC members took part and Chris Davis, who clocked a new personal best of 1:34:08 (214th), was first home.

Danny Hylands also improved on his 2015 time when he finished in 1:37:30 (287th). Next, Iain Bailie crossed the line in 1:38:20 (312nd), followed closely by Mark Jordan in 1:38:21 (325th place).

Other times: Corey Urwin & Rachel Urwin 1:42:36, Stephen Whelan 1:43:41, Sandy Plumb 1:44:19, Paul Clements 1:44:22, Alex Robertson 1:45:50, Donal Ward 1:45:44, Conor Sheridan 1:48:15, Kenny Holmes 1:49:55, Brian Maltman 1:52:06, Adrian Smith 1:53:00, Keith Hetherington 1:55:01, Roy McMullan 1:57:08, Angela Campbell 1:58:24, Tracey Parke 1:58:25, Lynn Magee 2:00:16, Karl Joyce 2:01:37, David Finlay 2:01:37, Sarah Bell 2:02:08, Amanda Clements 2:12:02, Fiona Swann 2:15:41, Joanne Knox 2:14:11, Sonia Lennon 2:17:05, Lionel Date 2:17:05, Tracey Shannon 2:25:21, Sonia Ross 2:25:22, Jacque Craig 2:30:33, Valerie Lyttle 2:36:35, Donna Robertson 2:36:50.

The County Antrim Harriers group at Larne Leisure Centre. INLT 12-920-CON

The County Antrim Harriers group at Larne Leisure Centre. INLT 12-920-CON

In the relay competition, Laura Hogg, Daniel Girvin and Mark McManus secured second place in the mixed team competition with a total time of 1:23:04.

Other times: Johanna McIlroy, Cate Devine and Louise McAlliser 1:54:45 (4th ladies team), Doris Kirby, Alistair Purdy, Stuart Adams 2:04:19, Jenny Magill, Rhys McManus, Kelly Deller and Karen Monaghan 2:05:21, Gary Hall, Dianne Barr McMillan and Sammy Kyle 2:07:03, Derek Kyle, Nicola Robinson and Sam Restrick 2:11:16, Morna Wright, Andrea Kernohan and Elaine Parke 2:16:16, Dawn Ralph, Sally McKeown and Sarah Girvin 2:19:24, Ruth Maltman, Mags Clements and Catherine Beggs 2:22:01.


Seapark fielded 48 members at Saturday’s race.

Twenty achieved personal bests for the half marathon distance.

Seapark: Ian Cleland (1:26:11, PB for the course), Charlie McCormick (1:28:09 PB), Elisoa Crawford (1:31:30), Brendan Rice (1:32:41), Johnny Preuss (1:33:21), Gillian Cordner (1:35:02), Robert Steele (1:38:22 PB), Mark Welsh (1:38:23 PB), Caroline Salters (1:43:09), Gillian Strudwick (1:44:55 PB), Patrick Hughes (1:45:26), Phillip Mone (1:46:54 PB), Gareth Hamill (1:46:55), Jonathon Bell (1:47:35), Karen Poag (1:52:20, PB for the course), Julie Clyde (1:52:42 PB), Colin McCrum (1:54:24), Andrew Smyth (1:54:53), Julie-Ann Mitchell (1:55:14 PB), Wesley Wallace (1:56:57), Allan Grant (1:59:01), Gavin Irvine (1:59:43), Bobbie Irvine (1:59:44), Aimee Weatherhead (2:01:14), Jacqui Coghlan (2:02:39 PB), Karen Waring (2:02:55), Jennifer Jackson (2:03:53 PB), Sarah Rea (2:03:55 PB), Trevor Lamb (2:04:28, PB for the course), Philip Magill (2:04:47 PB), Neill Harper (2:05:06), Alison Welsh (2:05:35 PB), Lynette Magill (2:06:50 PB), Thomas Dunlop (2:08:36, 1st half marathon), Karen Hanson (2:10:26 PB), Josephine McAlister (2:11:55 PB), Laura Laverty (2:13:05, 1st half marathon), Heather Lown (2:14:43), Rebecca Tester (2:16:18 PB), Alison Dunlop (2:17:32, 1st half marathon), Sara Johnston (2:18:15), Julie Marshall (2:18:48, 1st half marathon), Marie Nicolson (2:20:02), Karen McMaster (2:29:13 PB), Beverley Kernoghan (2:31:52 PB), Caroline Mone (2:34:26 PB), Helena Perry (2:35:12 PB) and Lauren Scott (2:36:20, 1st half marathon).


East Antrim Harriers had a large contingent at the AES Larne Half Marathon.

In perfect running conditions our athletes recorded 4 personal bests and finished well up the field.

The first Harrier home was David Turtle in 1:17:04 (10th), followed by Ross Mercer 1:22:30 (37th), Michael Allen 1:24:34 (54th), James Kitchen 1:27:47 (97th), Jonathan Craig 1:29:06 (123rd), Gary Davison 1:29:28 (1:30 Pacer & 136th position), Andy Liddle 1:31:55 (174th), Larry McAteer 1:33:18 (191st), Marty McMillan 1:50:39 (654th) and Tim Khanna 2:06:54 (1143rd).


Monkstown Spartans made their maiden trip to the Larne Half marathon. Nineteen athletes turned out, with 13 running the full Larne Half Marathon. Of those, 13, eight set personal bests.

The Pink Ladies of Sparta relay effort missed out on the female podium by one place. Fourth spot out of 20 all female teams.

Spartans’ male results: 91st, Chris Hutchinson, 01:27:21 SB; 121st, Gary Huntley, 01:29:01, PB; 233rd, Harry Watton 01:35:20 SB; 243rd, Wayne Hamill, 01:35:49 PB; 326th, Colin Porter, 01:39:34 SB; 393rd, Stephen Farr 01:42:32 SB; 447th, Johnny McKeown, 01:43:19 PB; 492nd, David Cushley, 01:44:31 PB; 833rd, Jock Mewha, 01:54:14 PB; 1114th, David Billings, 02:03:24 SB.

Spartans’ female results: 777th, Nichola Henderson 01:53:03PB; 1230th, Louisa Lapworth 02:10:33PB; 1231st, Alison Stewart, 02:10:34PB.

Relay results: 15th, Team Monkstown Spartans Boyos 01:59:47 (Alan O’Neill, Thomas Gray, Craig Moore).

16th, Team Spartan Pink Ladies 02:01:07 (4th in category): Julie O’Neill, Jennifer Kelso, Gillian Anne.


Eight Barn Runners took part in the annual Larne Half Marathon with Alan McMillan first to cross the line in an impressive 01:25:25.

Also coming in under the 1:30 mark, was Michael Montgomery with a time of 01:27:28, and Michael Nugent 01.29.03.

Gareth Shannon completed the course in 01:35:39 while Noel Latimer was delighted with his time of 01:43:11, paced round the course by friend and fellow Barn Runner Neil Porter (01:43:12).

Other finish times: Yvonne McIlree 01:46:56, Tony Fitzpatrick 01:53:08, Claire Gilmore 01:54:06, Mark Craig 01:54:13, Colm Coyle 01:54:46, Julia Birkett 01:55:34, Laura Coulter 01:56:23, Alan Adair 01:57:29, Mick Loughran (02:06:40), Karen Young (02:09:51), Diane Hylands (02:18:50), Clare Robertson (02:20:39). Clare Robertson travelled over from Scotland especially for the event and ran with her friend, Diane Hylands.


County Antrim Harriers had another successful Larne Half Marathon, with 22 members tackling the course, and eight achieving well-deserved PBs.

Special mention to Deborah Gibson Peter Graham, Sandra Hall, Natasha Henderson, Michael Ogilby, Gillian Orr who all made impressive half marathon debuts.

Helen Collins once again led the club home in an excellent 1:36:16, followed quickly by Graeme O’Hara in 1:38:25 (PB).

Next came a six strong pack led by a delighted Joy Chestnutt (1:42:03 PB), with Jayne McKeever (1:42:42 PB) following hot on her heels, then Natasha Henderson (1:43:57), Ruth Morrison (1:44:46), Peter Graham (1:47:27), and Irene Downey (1:48:34).

Also running strongly were Rachel Lloyd (1:50:05 PB), Colin Gilmore (1:50:16), Andrena Berry (1:50:13 PB), Aaron Anderson (1:51:46), Julie Young (1:51:46), Sarah Kinnear (1:53:00 PB), Randall Smyth (1:54:58), Mandy Yau-Wilson (1:55:15 PB), Gillian Orr (1:58:0), Jane Kinnear (2:00:22 PB), Deborah Gibson (2:02:22), Angela Owens (2:06:40), Sandra Hall (2:09:14), and Michael Ogilby (2:19:38).