Barn and Seapark members perform well at local races

Members of Barn Runners at the Whitehead 5-mile road race. INLT 16-912-CON
Members of Barn Runners at the Whitehead 5-mile road race. INLT 16-912-CON

Barn Runners members took part in two of County Antrim’s most popular races last week; the Whitehead 5-Mile Easter Monday road race and the annual Titanic 10k.

The Whitehead event is in its 91st year and remains one of Northern Ireland’s oldest road races.

The course consisted of a challenging three laps of Whitehead in the spring heat and plenty of local spectators were on hand to give support.

Barn Runners finished the course in the following times: Yvonne McIlree 39:12, Jenna Dickson 39:16, Lynsey Grant 39:39, Robert Murray (time unrecorded), Siddharth Khowala 41:49.

The Titanic 10k times for Barn Runners were as follows: Colm Coyle 49:20, Yvonne McIlree 49:23, Karen Young 55:35, Diane Hylands 55:50, Barbara Porter 59:03.

Seapark AC

The great weather on Easter Monday attracted large crowds to Whitehead for the annual 5-mile road race.

Twelve athletes from Seapark completed the race with Ian Cleland taking eighth position overall and Jennie Haggan coming in first in the Under-19 age group.

Results: Ian Cleland 29:20, Jonathan Beattie 31:56, Mark Welsh 35:38, Lynda Shannon 36:12, Jonathan Bell 37:01, Philip Poag 39:58, Allan Grant 40:13, Karen Poag 41:26, Wesley Wallace 42:38, Jennie Haggan 42:40, Trevor Lamb 43:32, Alison Welsh 44:57.

On Sunday, almost 1,200 runners took part in the Titanic 10k race in Belfast. This event was well attended by athletes from Seapark with many gaining personal best times.

Ian Cleland ran a particularly strong race with a superb time of 37:46.

Club results: Ian Cleland 37:46, Jonathan Beattie 40:11, Mark Welsh 46:25, Neill Harper 50:23, Angela McCormick 50:28, Philip Poag 50:41, Karen Poag 52:14, Andy Smyth 52:25, Alison Welsh 55:51, Ann McCracken 58:09, KarenMcMaster 1:04 Geraldine Kane 1:10.

Further afield, Seapark’s Trevor Lamb completed the Paris Marathon and Bobbie Irvine, Gillian Barnhill, and Gary Connolly completed the week-long Marathon Des Sables in Morrocco.

Seapark welcome new members. Training takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm at Carrickfergus Ampitheatre.