ATHLETICS: Seapark AC weekly round-up

Weekly report from events involving competitors from Seapark AC.

Friday, 3rd June 2016, 8:00 am
Seapark AC's Neil Harper and Angela McCormick in Liverpool. INLT 22-923-CON

Ian Cleland was 15th overall(19:57) at East Antrim Harriers Forest Trail Series in Tardree Forest. He was followed by Bobbie Irvine 21:35, Paul Daniels 24:37, David Strutt 28:16, Kate Delaney 28:35, Sara Johnston 29:30, Nicola Irvine 29:51 and Lorraine Ogiby 36:30.

Five Seaparkers took part in the The Bann 10k with Ronald Simms clocking 40:03, Clive Weatherhead 42:17, Richard Hetherington 43:10, Andy Smyth 49:44 and Karen McMaster 1:04:18.

At Saturday’s Kent Roadrunner Marathon Neill Harper achieved his 2nd best time over the distance in 4:17:19. At the Liverpool Rock N Roll 5K Gillian Cordner was first home in 20:33. Other times: Gary Connolly 21:11, Andrew Smyth 23:00 PB, Mark Welsh 23:02, Gillian Strudwick 23:32, Caroline Salters 23:34, Karen Poag 24:45, Phil Poag 24:57, Angela McCormick 25:32, Wesley Wallace 25:57, Sarah Rea 25:59 and Alison Welsh 28:05.

Twenty-nine members represented the club at the May Fair 10k. Alyn McChesney ran the 5K in a time of 30:54.

Richard Craig was the first Seaparker home in the 10K with 38:11. He was followed by Ian Cleland 39:33, Ronald Simms 40:03, Jim Jenkins 42:29, Jonathon Bell 47:12, Julie Clyde 52:18, Heather Haggan 52:37, Colin McCrum 53:46, Carol Woods 55:05, Philip Magill 55:31, Lynette Magill 56:17, Sara Johnston 56:44, Julie Marshall 56:45, Jacqui Coghlan 57:09, Gemma Lovell 57:26, Jessica Lyness 58:06, Julie Lyness 58:23, Trevor Lamb 58:51, Heather Lown 59:25, Philippa Bell 1:00:39, Julie Kelly 1:00:59, Jenny Robinson 1:02:02, Beverley Kernoghan 1:04:03, Rebecca Tester 1:04:06, Susan Kane 1:09:27, Caroline Mone 1:09:45, Geraldine Kane 1:11:26 and Carol Downey 1:14:19.

Geraldine Kane was the first person to complete the 10 x 10K 2016 Seapark AC challenge.

At Sunday’s Liverpool Rock N Roll half and full marathon times: Half: Andrew Smyth 1:52:44 PB, Karen Poag 1:55:53, Phil Poag 1:59:04, Angela McCormick 1:59:19, Alison Welsh 2:00:08, Sarah Rea 2:06:25, Ann McCracken 2:13:57 and Neil Harper 2:18:28.

Full: Caroline Salters 3:49:41, Gillian Strudwick 3:53:14, Gary Connolly 3:58:57 and Mark Welsh 4:13:35.

Elsewhere Julie Kelly completed her second 10K of the weekend at Stormont.