Youth fights in Carrick ‘organised’ on social media

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Police in Carrickfergus have stepped up weekend patrols in a bid to tackle a rise in anti-social behaviour in areas of the town.

It follows reports of groups of young people engaging in organised fights, according to a PSNI statement.

“Police had become aware that some young people had been arranging to meet via social media and were then fighting with one another,” the statement continued.

“It is essential that this practice stops immediately. It is dangerous and foolhardy and could have very serious consequences not only for a young person’s physical wellbeing but also for their future as much of this behaviour can constitute criminal offences.”

In a social media post, the PSNI identified Carrickfergus Amphitheatre as one of the locations where the groups gather.

“As was the case at the weekend, local police will continue to patrol and monitor areas where such anti-social behaviour has been noted or reported,” the spokesperson added.

Councillor Andrew Wilson, a member of the Mid and East Antrim Policing and Community Safety Partnership, said he had been alerted to anti-social behaviour in the town by the Housing Executive following complaints from residents.

“I raised the issue of young people taking part in anti-social behaviour, starting in Northlands and proceeding to the Eden area as the evening goes, during at a PCSP meeting on February 17,” he added. “It’s an ongoing problem. Children as young as year 9, so 12 or 13-year-olds seem to be involved.”