Council waste bag fees queried by resident

A few years ago in an effort to encourage recycling of waste food in Carrickfergus, the council introduced bio-degradable bags.

These were delivered and replenished, when required, by refuse collectors.

This however, ceased and residents were then asked to collect their own bags from the council office at the Town Hall.

Imagine my surprise last week when I went to the office only to be informed that there would now be a charge for these bags, £1.00 per roll.

I told the member of staff that this was hardly encouraging people to recycle waste but I was given a ‘shrug of the shoulders’.

Newtownabbey residents still have their bags replenished by their binmen and at no cost.

Are the council trying to recoup the cost of the recent refurbishment of the town centre? If they are really serious about reducing landfill and encouraging residents to recycle then they need to revisit their priorities.

David Johnston


Ed’s note: Carrickfergus Borough Council explained the change was introduced to bring it into line with Larne and Ballymena. “Caddy liner bags are not compulsory; it is not a requirement to use the Council/Arc21 compostable bags either,” a spokesperson added.