Young Leaders:

Sam Rogers. INCT 07-750-CON
Sam Rogers. INCT 07-750-CON

With 2015 an election year, the Carrick Times hears the views of young people in the borough who are playing a role in the wider community on subjects ranging from whether the voting age should be lowered to the merits of volunteering and helping others.

Sam Rogers, Carrickfergus College pupil and

What were the highlights of the year just past?

For me the highlight would definitely be the ‘Skate Expo’ at the leisure centre. We organised and put it all together ourselves and it was great to be so involved in the whole event and to see it all come together. Another highlight would be the Americans coming over from our Sister City in South Carolina, getting to know them and hang out with them. We had such a good time and a group from Carrickfergus are planning to go over and meet up over there.

What attracted you to the voluntary role?

I was a leader last year and this year I am a volunteer. I enjoy being involved because it is giving me new experiences and allows me to participate in activities where I am meeting people I wouldn’t normally get the chance to meet.

What are your hopes for the 2015?

I hope to go over to America to Anderson South Carolina and see all the friends we made last year when the group came over to see us. I would like to make the most of 2015, as this is the last year I can be involved in the activities.

What would you like to see from political/ community leaders in 2015?

I would really like to see more passionate ideas about the area, to know that the leaders are not just in it to please people but to actually make a difference. I think it is clear when someone really cares and sees it as more than a job.

2015 will be an election year: do you think it is important young people vote?

I probably should say yes but it depends. If you are passionate about who you want to run the country and know about the issues then you should definitely vote - why wouldn’t you?

On the other hand, if you are happy enough then it is up to you – better to not vote than to vote because you feel you should but you end up voting for the wrong person or for someone you know very little about.

Should the voting age be lowered?

Yes I think the voting age should be lowered – it gives more people the opportunity to express their opinion and it becomes fair.

I would love to be able to vote and I hope everyone who is allowed informs themselves of the issues and makes good choices.