Young leader: Rachel relishes Scout role

Rachel Nicholson. INCT 08-706-CON
Rachel Nicholson. INCT 08-706-CON

The Carrick Times hears the views of young people in the borough who are playing a role in the wider community on a range of subjects including the merits of volunteering and helping others.

Rachel Nicholson, Young Leader Islandmageee Scouts

What were the highlights of the year just past?

Gaining my Gold Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Scouts Award

What attracted you to the role?

I enjoy working with children and wanted to help out more in my Scout group.

What are your hopes for 2015?

To be able to work for a year in the New Zealand dairy industry.

What would you like to see from political/ community leaders in 2015?

It would be good if these people could have more time for the youth of today and allow them to participate more in community events etc.

2015 will be an election year: do you think it is important young people vote?

I think if a young person has a very strong opinion about something being voted upon, they should be allowed to vote. But some people might take advantage of this opportunity in the wrong way eg by just voting for a random thing and not taking responsibility for their actions.

The Young Leaders series has also heard from pupils from Carrickfergus Grammar School, Downshire School and Ulidia Integrated College. If you would like someone from your group to feature, email for further details.