‘World tour’ for Carrick author’s sci-fi tale

A fan reads Abendau's Heir in London.  INCT 27-735-CON
A fan reads Abendau's Heir in London. INCT 27-735-CON

Copies of a sci-fi tale penned by a Carrickfergus author have been spotted around the globe as fans took the novel on its very own ‘world tour’.

Abendau’s Heir, the debut of Eden-based writer Jo Zebedee, was published in March.

The first instalment in Jo’s Inheritance trilogy, the science fiction space opera has already gathered a devoted fanbase, with positive reviews among users of Amazon and book-lovers’ website Goodreads.

Abendau’s Heir follows the story of Kare, who is caught between his cruel mother, the Empress, and his father, who wants to lead a rebellion against her.

Heavily influenced by well-known sci-fi titles such as Dune, the book has a more character-focused approach than is typical for the genre, according to its author.

One reader praised its “strong writing” and “vivid scenes and settings”, while another added: “Jo Zebedee shows the sure touch of a first class writer... I found it impossible to put down.”

And the author’s profile is set to be raised further thanks to the ‘world tour’ - an idea which began with Jo’s relatives.

“My aunt and uncle took a signed book over to my uncle’s sister who had ordered one, and they photographed her reading it under a Welsh road sign,” said Jo.

“And then, on their joint holiday, they took another, this time in a library in Italy.

“In the land down under an online friend was patiently waiting for her copy and I joked we should have followed it on its journey.

“When it reached her, she posted an upside down photo, at which point a friend in Canada received his and photographed it, and suddenly a world tour was happening.”

The book has since been snapped across the globe from San Francisco to Rome, Cyprus and Venice, along with several locations on the UK mainland such as the Tower of London and Bamburgh Castle.

The local author even pledged: “If I sell a million copies I’ll follow it around the world!”

Meanwhile, Jo’s next book, Inish Carraig, is due for release later this month. A standalone novel, the book is set in Belfast after an alien invasion.

Jo will also be taking part in a panel discussion at the TitanCon convention in September.

Sci-fi fans can visit her author’s forum at https://www.sffchronicles.com/forum/jo-zebedee/