World-leader award for Kilroot Power Station

Kilroot Power Station. INCT 32-701-CON
Kilroot Power Station. INCT 32-701-CON

Kilroot Power Station has picked up a global prize for its ‘super battery’ project.

AES received POWER magazine’s Smart Grid award for the incorporation of the Advancion® fourth generation battery-based energy storage technology inside a traditional thermal power station.

The award by the influential power generation market publication recognises an outstanding smart grid project that demonstrates the benefits of new data-rich technologies to power generators, distribution utilities, and customers.

Carla Tully, president AES UK & Ireland, said: “Northern Ireland needs a secure, affordable and sustainable electricity system for now and in the future. We are proud that Kilroot has been recognised as an international leader in new energy solutions to strengthen the electric grid while reducing costs and system-wide emissions.”

The Kilroot Advancion Energy Storage Array provides 10 megawatts (MW) of interconnected energy storage, equivalent to 20 MW of flexible resource.

The judges lauded the company’s winning attributes in demonstrating commercial energy storage is

now available at scale and investing ahead of market certainty, “serving as key test bed for studying

effects and benefits of battery storage for the island-wide Single Electricity Market”.