‘Wise up,’ warn police after scrambler seized

The scrambler which was seized in Larne. INLT-03-701-con
The scrambler which was seized in Larne. INLT-03-701-con

Police are warning scrambler drivers to “wise up” after seizing a scrambler-type bike and reporting its rider to the PSNI Youth Diversion Officer.

The incident in Larne on January 11 was reported by the PSNI on Facebook, with officers revealing that the use of mini motos, scramblers and pit bikes on public land, roads and footpaths, was “causing a lot of concern in the community” in Carrick and Larne.

Referring to the death of mother-of-three Valerie Young, who was hit by a scrambler, the officer stated: “I can’t understand whether this all comes about as a result of being ill-informed regarding the law or whether it’s stupidity or complete arrogance towards others. Only last summer a mother lost her life in a Belfast Park after being hit by a scrambler. If you don’t have a driving license, a valid insurance certificate and a roadworthy vehicle, then you can’t ride anywhere other than private land, and that’s only with permission of the land owner.

“It is not legal to ride these vehicles on the road, the footpath, the park, the beach, the waste ground across from your house, the supermarket car park or local forest. Take responsibility for your actions and those of your children. Sadly some adults, including parents think it’s ok to take these vehicles to public areas and use them in close proximity to people out walking, running and cycling. We can do our best to educate people on the dangers, we can’t bring a loved one back from the dead.”