WATCH: Dramatic rescue after five teenagers stranded on rocks on Antrim coast

Larne RNLI lifeboat crew rescued five teenagers stranded on rocks at the Antrim coast’s Black Arch, Larne, on Monday night.

The youngsters found themselves cut off by the tide on rocks near Drains Bay.

A screen grab from RNLI video of the rescue operation

A screen grab from RNLI video of the rescue operation

The group were put into lifejackets and then brought aboard the inshore lifeboat.

They were then transferred onboard to a bigger all-weather lifeboat and given a medical check.

Members of the Larne coastguard were also on scene.

Larne RNLI Helm Willie Evans said: “Thankfully there were no injuries in the group and apart from being a little cold everyone was okay.

“Some sections of our coast can become cut-off when the tide rises and it is good to be aware of this before you set off and plan ahead. Always call for help rather than trying to make it back to dry land.”

Larne RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager Allan Dorman added: “These call-outs can be quite common for the RNLI at this time of year with the good weather and the long evenings.

“However they can go wrong as the water rises and people may get panicked.

“The group stayed calm and called for help and we had a good outcome this time. Both our lifeboats worked together to get the group to safety with our colleagues in the coastguard and I’d ask everyone enjoying out coastline to check the tide time and always bring a means of calling for help.”