UUP man sees funny side of ‘Kipper’ mistake

John Stewart. INCT 47-130-GR
John Stewart. INCT 47-130-GR

A Carrickfergus UUP councillor saw the lighter side this week after a letter mix up identified him as a member of UKIP.

Councillor John Stewart received the correspondence from Douglas Carswell, MP for the UK Independence Party in Clacton.

The letter outlines UKIP’s stance in the upcoming EU referendum and their efforts as part of the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign.

Mr Carswell wrote: “As one of successfully elected UKIP councillors, you know what a battle it has been for us to achieve all the things we have managed to do over the years.

“You will know too that it is thanks to Nigel Farage and UKIP that we are about to have a referendum on our EU membership in the first place.

“Winning the referendum in just over 100 days’ time is our greatest challenge, and we need your help to do it.

“Over two thirds of UKIP councillors have already signed up to Vote Leave.”

Referring to party representatives as ‘Kippers’, the MP finished his letter with a handwritten note to Cllr Stewart: “John, with your help we will win in June!”

Posting a copy of the letter to his Twitter page, Cllr Stewart, whose party has backed a ‘remain’ vote, joked: “I think Douglas Carswell has got me confused with someone else.”

He added: “I’m not sure how the mix-up happened - the letter is addressed to me but I’m not sure why they think I’m a UKIP councillor!”

Meanwhile, Cllr Noel Jordan - a UKIP representative on Mid and East Antrim Borough Council - indicated he had not received a similar letter over the Vote Leave campaign.

The Carrickfergus Castle representative added that the campaign to leave the EU is a “cross party issue” .