Update sought on abandoned cars on Taylors Avenue


Social Development Minister Mervyn Storey is to seek an update from the Housing Executive over the issue of abandoned cars on Taylors Avenue.

The Minister was responding to a question raised by East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs, who had previously provided court evidence which resulted in an ASBO being awarded against an individual linked to 90 abandoned cars in the area.

Speaking in the Assembly, Mr Beggs said: “Does that antisocial behaviour order still apply and what action has the Northern Ireland Housing Executive taken to invoke the tenancy agreements of occupants of Taylors Avenue who may be continuing to contribute to the abandonment of vehicles in the area?”

Responding, the Minister indicated that the Housing Executive’s non-statutory interventions included warning letters, acceptable behaviour contracts, mediation and community support. “In addition, the Housing Executive is a founding partner and participant, along with the PSNI and councils, in antisocial behaviour forums that meet to discuss antisocial behaviour in nearly every council area,” Mr Storey added.

“They have 57 neighbourhood officers who contribute to making their estates cleaner and safer places. The Housing Executive contributes funding to local schemes to address crime, and the fear of crime, in an area.

“When we looked into the detail, we found that it has been going on for a considerable time [in Carrickfergus]. I intend to get an update from the Housing Executive as to what further steps it will take to ensure that we have an effective outcome.”