Two teens arrested after Carrickfergus 'party'

Shaftesbury Park earlier on Saturday.
Shaftesbury Park earlier on Saturday.

Two teenagers were arrested after police attended an outdoor party in Carrickfergus over the weekend.

Up to 80 young people had gathered at Shaftesbury Park on Saturday, with some travelling from the Greenisland, Larne, Tiger's Bay and even Woodvale areas, according to PSNI.

Police were at the scene from around 8pm on Saturday evening.

A police spokesperson added: "During the course of the evening we seized and poured out plenty of vodka and Buckfast, carried out numerous searches under the Misuse of Drugs Act and did what we could to keep a lot of kids safe.

"A 15-year-old had to be roused from a drunken stupor on the street before being taken home to his parents.

"A 16-year-old was arrested for Disorderly Behaviour and underage drinking, while a 14-year-old who was so drunk he couldn’t look after himself was also arrested for Disorderly Behaviour along with assault on police and resisting police.

"Spitting is disgusting in itself but to spit on a police officer who is trying to help you stand up, vile!"

The spokesperson added: "Not all the kids had alcohol and not all of them were verbally abusive or obstructive.

"We tried to get our position about gathering in large crowds across while also listening to their point of view."