Tribute paid to former headmaster at Carrick Grammar

Hugh Jamison.  INCT 34-720-CON
Hugh Jamison. INCT 34-720-CON

A former principal of Carrickfergus Grammar who was “instrumental” in establishing a trust fund to support pupils has passed away.

One of the founder members of the school, Hugh Jamison was one of only three teachers to be appointed before the Grammar opened its doors for the first time in September 1962.

“The Principal and Board of Governors of Carrickfergus Grammar were deeply saddened to learn of the recent passing of their much-respected former headmaster, Hugh Jamison,” said current headmaster, Kieran Mulvenna.

“A Geography and History scholar by training, he was often called upon in the early days to deliver a wide range of other subjects. There is no doubt that the energy, commitment and expertise which he brought to his founding role was a key factor in establishing Carrickfergus Grammar in the borough.”

Serving as deputy headmaster from 1963-1977, Mr Jamison took up the reins as headmaster until his retirement in 1990.

“During his headship, Mr Jamison oversaw a crucial period of expansion in the school and, in an era long before the advent of social media, he appreciated the value of connecting with others for a common good and was instrumental in establishing a strong Parents’ Association which endures to this day,” Mr Mulvenna added.

“He also initiated a trust fund to support pupils in need and that, too, continues to flourish.

“Education may have changed somewhat in the decades which have passed since Mr Jamison first stood at the blackboard, but the basic principles which he embodied - service, steadfastness and dignity – are timeless examples to us all.

“He was a true gentleman who will be sorely missed and fondly remembered by generations of former staff and pupils.”