Beggs presses case for resurfacing works on North Road

Roy Beggs MLA (file photo) INLT 03-680-CON
Roy Beggs MLA (file photo) INLT 03-680-CON

East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs has contacted the Minister for Infrastructure to press the case for resurfacing at North Road following recent utility work.

The UUP representative asked for details on when the road will be resurfaced, “given its current uneven surfacing and the volume of traffic”.

A response from the Department stated that there were “no immediate plans” to resurface the route: “The road surface is uneven due to the high number of utility reinstatements; however, its structural condition would not currently merit inclusion on our resurfacing programme.

“Officials will continue to monitor and routinely inspect the North Road, with any actionable defects recorded and repaired in accordance with current road maintenance standards.”

“It is disappointing that the Minister has not given details of immediate action to resurface the road,” Mr Beggs said. “However, [he] acknowledged that there are ongoing issues with the road surface so I intend to continue to raise the matter with the Department.”