Tim McGarry’s praise for former Orange official

Dr David Hume (file photo)
Dr David Hume (file photo)

A prominent Ballycarry Orangeman has stepped down from his role as Director of Services in the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

Dr David Hume took on the post in 2003 after a number of years as a journalist at the Larne Times.

Writing on his Facebook page this week, the local man said: “On Friday I said a fond farewell to my work colleagues at Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland after over 12 years service.”

Dr Hume said that following a Human Resources review the position was being axed and he felt that “the safest financial option” for his family was a redundancy package.

He continued: “I have had many fantastic experiences and challenges with the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, introduced a number of initiatives and made many good friends at all levels within the Institution.”

Dr Hume was closely involved with the development of two major Orange interpretive centres based at the Order’s headquarters in Belfast and Loughgall, being a member of the team which drew up the successful £3.6 million funding application for the proposals.

“I am very proud of the outreach work which I was involved in, and of the relationships built up within the wider and the nationalist community through our education programmes,” Dr Hume added.

“When it was announced in our local paper in 2003 that I had become Director of Services with the Orange Order, the first man to stop me in the street in Larne and congratulate me was proud to tell me he was a Catholic and he wished me well.

“His congratulations have always remained with me and I hope they have given me a sense of perspective.

“This has been a difficult time and the support of my wife and family, colleagues and good friends has been very important and very much appreciated.

“I will greatly miss my work colleagues and friends at Schomberg House; we achieved much and were a winning team.”

Dr Hume is also well known for his TV and radio documentaries with Give My Head Peace comedian, Tim McGarry.

“I have had the pleasure of working with David on various projects over the last three years,” said Tim.

“He is an absolute gentleman and a joy to work with. David deserves enormous respect because he gives respect to all around him. He is such a good advocate for the Orange Order I almost joined them myself. I wish him all the best for the future.”