There is a tree to suit every garden

John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON
John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON

Whether you have a large garden, or a small plot, it is always nice to have a tree. Now is the time to plant, while the soil is still warm.

Many have great autumn colour - like Acers and Liquidamber - before they drop their leaves, and some have lovely flowers

in early spring and throughout the summer. trees can produce both ornamental fruits for us and the birds to enjoy, such as Cotoneasters and Malus (Ornamental Crab).

Weeping cherries and weeping cotoneaster are great for small gardens, with Maples and Mountain Ash for the larger garden

Evergreen conifers and Evergreen prunus can be used for screening around our gardens and can also screen out noise if you live near a busy road. They also provide a lovely environment for insects and birds.

Trees can be given as a gift, or to commemorate a special event, birthday, anniversary, marriage etc. We have a large selection, but remember always check to label or ask a member of staff when selecting a tree, giving consideration to the ultimate height. Once a tree has reached the height you want, cut the top off tostop it growing further. Never plant close to the house, as this may have the potential to damage the foundations.

A rough guide to planting is for every foot it grows up, keep it the same distance away from the house (eg. a 6ft tree should be 6ft away from the house). Before planting, put some stones in the bottom of the hole to ensure good drainage, and use a good quality compost to start the tree off. The top of the root ball should be level with the top of the soil.

Make sure the tree is straight and stake using a proper tree tie to avoid anything cutting into the tree as it grows,

Water well and enjoy your tree.

For more information contact Inver Garden Centre.