Teens warned against ‘messing’ at rail halt

Clipperstown rail halt.   INCT 43-501-RM
Clipperstown rail halt. INCT 43-501-RM

Police in Carrick are urging parents to know the whereabouts of their children following reports of youths causing annoyance.

The alarm was raised after teenagers were said to have been “throwing stones at cars, annoying local residents and messing around on the railway platform at Clipperstown”.

Previously, Translink has reported a teenager falling onto the track.

On Saturday night, a motorist indicated that a 30-strong group of youngsters had walked in front of her car before pushing their friends onto the road.

Councillor Andrew Wilson, chairman of Mid and East Antrim Policing Community Safety Partnership said: “The small minority are giving the vast majority of the age group a bad name. I’m particularly concerned to learn that youths are congregating at railway platforms as this is a dangerous place to be with a very real chance of injury. Similarly, to throw stones at cars is reckless and irresponsible and I would urge anyone who has any information in relation to this to contact the PSNI.”

A Translink spokesperson said: “We have received a report of anti-social behaviour at Clipperstown halt.

“Safety of our passengers and staff is our number one priority. We are working with the PSNI to deal with any instances of anti-social behaviour. We would appeal to people to act responsibly on Translink property and services. We therefore encourage people to report incidents of anti-social activity to us.”