Support for peace-building programmes

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A project for at-risk young people in the Carrickfergus and Greenisland areas is to benefit from a new five year strategy by the International Fund for Ireland (IFI).

Sport Changes Life delivers positive interventions locally for the most disadvantaged and at risk young people through the medium of sport.

The programme partnered with the University of Ulster to deliver the Ehoops project, which has assisted more than 40 percent of participants who are seeking work to secure jobs and has built new relationships within and between communities and with the PSNI.

SCL is part of the IFI’s Peace Impact Programme, which supports community efforts to address sensitive, complex and challenging issues within areas where there have been low levels of engagement in peace building.

Last month, the IFI launched its five year strategy to assist in the consolidation of peace to 2020.

The Fund, established in 1986, has supported over 5800 projects and committed over £700m to Northern Ireland and the border areas of the Republic of Ireland.