Storm Doris now a WEATHER BOMB

Storm Doris has been reclassified by the Met Office.
Storm Doris has been reclassified by the Met Office.
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Storm Doris has been reclassified as a ‘weather bomb’ by the Met Office.

The Met Office tweeted on Thursday morning that storm “has rapidly deepened over the last 24 hours as it has under gone what we call Explosive Cyclogenisis making it a #WeatherBomb.”

What is a weather bomb?

According to the Met Office a ‘weather bomb’ is not a perfect meteorological term but is defined as an intense low pressure system with a central pressure that falls 24 millibars in a 24-hour period. A better description can be more directly linked to the meteorological phenomena known as rapid or explosive cyclogenisis.

The reclassification of the storm came after the Met Office had issued severe weather warnings for wind and rain right across Northern Ireland.

A third severe weather warning was issued for ice shortly before 10am on Thursday morning.

To keep up-to-date with the weather forecast in your area visit the Met Office website.