Schoolgirl's appeal to make friend's birthday extra special

Gracie (left) and Noah Coates with Madison Wright.  INCT 44-732-CON
Gracie (left) and Noah Coates with Madison Wright. INCT 44-732-CON

A kind-hearted Carrick schoolgirl is appealing for people to help make her friend's birthday extra special.

In a video posted by her mum Angela on Facebook, Madison Wright asked for birthday cards to be sent to her friend Noah Coates.

In the Facebook post, Angela wrote: "[Madison] really wants to help make Noah’s birthday extra special.

"Cards can be sent to Noah Coates, Carrickfergus, BT38 8FP.

"The guys at the Royal Mail sorting office in Carrick are going to keep all cards aside especially for Noah."

Noah, who will be turning 11 on October 31, and his younger sister Gracie were both diagnosed with the extremely rare illness Vanishing White Matter disease.

A form of leukodystrophy, VWM disease is a progressive condition that destroys myelin, the brain’s white matter.

Noah and Gracie are thought to be the only people in Northern Ireland with the condition.

A number of fundraisers have already taken place in aid of the siblings, including a dress down day at local primary schools, also organised by Madison.

Noah and Gracie's mum, Sarah said: "Madison has been amazing and it means so much to us as it’s such a special and meaningful thing to do.

"Since Noah's rapid deterioration he’s been confined mostly to the house; although we try to get him out a bit more now, but because it’s winter and there is a greater risk of infection he’ll need to remain at home mostly.

"Noah doesn’t have a lot of friends who visit him and he’s mostly relying on his wee cousin Harry to visit, so getting all these birthday cards just makes him feel so special. We are very grateful to Madison for all her hard work!"