‘Restrict acccess for scramblers’

Damage caused to Bashfordsland Wood last week. INCT 04-652-CON
Damage caused to Bashfordsland Wood last week. INCT 04-652-CON

A Carrick councillor has called for an action plan to deal with ongoing issues of illegal scrambler and trail bike use.

Ulster Unionist Councillor John Stewart was commenting after a number of recent incidents that resulted in police action .

“There is clearly a growing trend of scrambler use by a small minority of irresponsible owners that is causing a great deal of frustration to the public and could end up causing someone serious harm”.

“In recent weeks, I have been contacted by many members of the public who are increasingly frustrated by off- road bikers.

“Areas particularly affected are playing fields at Salthill, Woodburn and Greenisland and also the public walk ways through Bashfordlands Wood.

“The noise, damage and threat to public safety caused by irresponsible users is now at a point where something needs to be done”.

“I have called on council officers to look at measures to restrict biker access to popular sites and also asked them to liaise with the police to help with enforcement.

Councillor Stewart pointed out this was not a witch hunt and he was not there to spoil anyone’s fun but was primarily concerned with public safety.

“This is a popular past time but it needs to be conducted in a safe area away from the public.

“The council could look at the potential for a designated site for off road biking”.