Research into sectarianism in Carrick


Mid and East Antrim Borough Council has awarded Carrickfergus Community Forum £2,500 to conduct research into attitudes towards sectarianism in Carrickfergus.

According to a report presented to councillors on September 7, an application was received from Carrickfergus Community Forum to conduct research, which would conclude with the production of a report detailing the findings.

“The panel scored the application which met the threshold, however there was additional clarification requested by SMT in relation to the nature of the project,” the report stated.

“The clarification obtained from the group has resulted in the application being recommended for funding with a number of caveats being added to the letter of offer specifically for this project.”

The issues which required clarification, and the caveats which were added, were not discussed at the council meeting.

The report added that “funding for the project is included in the Good Relations budget. 75 per cent of this budget is contributed from the OFMDFM and 25 per cent from council.”

DUP Councillor Cheryl Johnston proposed that council approve the recommended funding of £2,500 for the Carrickfergus Community Forum.

“The work of the community forum is working with the community at grass roots level,” she stated.

“The report would benefit the council and could be used with other things that are of help.”

The proposal was seconded by Councillor Billy Henry and agreed by all present.