Reports of ‘children throwing petrol bombs’

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Police in Carrickfergus are asking parents to make sure their children are not getting caught up in anti-social behaviour.

Inspector Martin Ruddy said: “While you can’t know what your children are up to every second of the day, it is important for you to know they aren’t getting mixed up in something that would bring them to the attention of police.

“Look out for the signs. If they are coming home with grass stains then it’s probably football in the park, but if they are coming home smelling of petrol then questions need to be asked. In recent weeks we have been responding to anti-social behaviour in the Carrickfergus area with reports coming in about children making and throwing petrol bombs. This is a worrying development and once that requires both a parental and policing response.”

He added: “So what would you prefer? Would you rather sit down with your child and talk to them about the real dangers of getting mixed up with petrol bombs or will it be a phone call from us telling you your child is at the station? Early intervention makes all the difference and while our aim is to keep the community safe, we also want to deter young people from getting caught up in criminality.

“Make it your business to know where you child is and what they are doing before it becomes ours.”