Repair work at Carrick play park ‘delayed’ - council

A loose chain on a climbing ramp and (right) damaged football nets. INCT 49-755-CON
A loose chain on a climbing ramp and (right) damaged football nets. INCT 49-755-CON
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Repairs to Sunnylands play park in Carrickfergus have been delayed due to difficulties in obtaining replacement equipment, the local council has said.

Concerns were raised late last year over damage to play equipment at the park, including climbing apparatus and football nets.

Speaking to the Times, one local parent said she believed the condition of the equipment was not due to vandalism alone. “Some of it’s just wear and tear,” she added.

A spokesperson for the local government authority said: “Vandalism at play park facilities in the Sunnylands area was reported to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council in December.

“We share the disappointment and frustration of residents when such damage is deliberately caused to facilities used by local communities. This results in inconvenience to the public and extra expense to ratepayers.

“Unfortunately, due to unforeseen delays in retrieving the parts required to repair the damage over the recent holiday period, the park has not yet been restored to its desired condition.

“These replacement items in the park will be installed as soon as possible.

“We are committed to protecting, enhancing and promoting our and green spaces as superb places to visit, exercise and enjoy events.

“We encourage anybody with information regarding criminal damage at facilities across the borough to contact the PSNI.”