Reminder over Trocaire campaign

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Trocaire has thanked people from Carrickfergus for supporting its 2015 Lenten campaign, which came to an end this week.

The organisation is reminding people to return their Trocaire boxes and donations as every pound donated to the campaign by people in Northern Ireland will be matched by the UK government.

“Schools, individuals and parishes have been incredibly supportive of Trocaire this Lent, from taking Trocaire boxes into their homes to displaying information or welcoming speakers from Trocaire to share information and stories about the people and communities at the heart of the six week campaign,” said Kevin Donnelly, Trocaire’s regional manager in Northern Ireland.

“This year, we highlighted climate change and the suffering that extreme droughts and floods are causing in poor, developing communities.

“In Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, much of our work involves supporting families to grow food in the face of drought, by building irrigation schemes, advising them on what crops to plant, and helping them to cope when harvests fail.

“This work is possible because of the generous donations made by people from across County Antrim.

“We would be extremely grateful to anyone who has a Trocaire box at home or in work if they could kindly drop it back to their local parish and we can start putting these generous donations into action.

“Donations can also be made at, by calling 0800 912 1200 or to the Trocaire office at 50 King Street, Belfast,” added Kevin Donnelly.