PSNI urges parents to think carefully before buying scramblers


Police have issued a reminder over the legal use of scramblers.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “If you are riding one on the road, you require a suitable driving licence, third party insurance, registration including number plate, a vehicle excise licence and all the obligatory lamps and other construction and use requirements and a helmet.

“Many of these requirements would necessitate significant modification.

“If on the other hand, you are riding the scrambler off road, you will need permission of the landowner, which I would say you are unlikely to have. If you are creating a nuisance, police have the power to seize your scrambler as well as prosecute you.”

Police are urging parents to carefully consider how the scrambler, quad or mini moto will be used before making a purchase for a young rider.

The spokesperson added: “We aren’t trying to ruin people’s fun. People have been tragically killed as a result of misuse of off-road vehicles and sadly the problem isn’t getting any better.”