Profiles: Young leaders

Judith Scott. INCT 01-751-CON
Judith Scott. INCT 01-751-CON

With 2015 an election year, the Carrick Times hears the views of young people in the borough who are playing a role in the wider community on subjects ranging from whether the voting age should be lowered to the merits of volunteering and helping others.

Judith Scott, Carrick Grammar pupil and 282nd GB (Woodlands) leader

What were the highlights of the year just passed?

As the year progressed seeing the younger girls build friendships with other girls but also with me as a helper. Also to see the girls perform at their Christmas concert after so much hard work was a big highlight.

What attracted you to the role?

Having gone to GB myself from the age of four, I wanted to help out and give other girls the experience I had growing up.

What are your hopes for the 2015?

In 2015 I would like to further develop a friendship with the Explorer Section that I help in and aim to have an impact on their lives like my leaders had on me.

What would you like to see from political/community leaders in 2015?

I would like political leaders to think about the impact that all the cuts will have on young people. Children coming through schools now will be severely affected by the proposed education cuts which will in turn have an effect on our future leaders. Also I think political/community leaders should take more of an interest in community projects, organisations and charities.

2015 will be an election year: Do you think it is important young people vote? Should the voting age be lowered?

I think it is important that young people vote. We are mature enough to make decisions that impact the rest of our life with regards to school choices, but we are deemed too immature to vote on issues that directly impact our lives such as university fees. I think the voting age should be lowered as long as political education is provided in schools so that educated decisions can be made.

More views to follow in next week’s Carrick Times.

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