Police urge public to help protect schools against vandalism

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Police have called on the Carrick community to help protect empty school buildings over the summer break.

The PSNI has teamed up with schools to ask communities to support the School Watch initiative.

Superintendent Ryan Henderson condemned vandals who cause serious damage to schools and urged the local community to help the police bring those responsible to justice.

He added: “Attacks on schools can range from broken windows and graffiti to more serious incidents including arson and burglaries.

“Vandalism is particularly disheartening and it is frustrating to see how these mindless acts affect a school and impact on the whole community.

“Schools and hard-working pupils do not deserve to see their buildings and facilities damaged.

“If you see suspicious activity around a school, please dial 999 immediately. Do not wait and think about it later. Police would rather that you call through, even if you are unsure of the nature of the activity.”

Supt Henderson concluded: “People should not confront possible criminals.

“That responsibility belongs to the police, but public information is vital to helping local police respond effectively.

“Please call us immediately if you witness any suspicious activity.”