Police appeal for vigilance after 'used hypodermic needles' found at roadside

Needles found on Prospect Road, Carrickfergus
Needles found on Prospect Road, Carrickfergus

Police in Carrickfergus have asked the public to be vigilant after a batch of used hypodermic needles were found at a roadside.

Posting on social media on Sunday morning police said: "Folks, it has been brought to our attention by a member of the public ... that a significant number of what appear to be used hypodermic needles have been found around the area of Prospect Road.

"It goes without saying how dangerous this is to other members of the public and animals that may encounter them.

"Can we ask you to be vigilant if you come across something like this in the future. Do not touch them or put yourself or others at risk, call Police on 101 to discuss the find and disposal.

"To the people who are dumping them; have a bit of personal responsibility about yourself and dispose of your needles safely. The side of a public road is not a safe place."