Play ‘Blackout’ tackles juvenile crime

Black Out
Black Out

An initiative which aims to enhance understanding around the issue of young people and juvenile crime through the medium of drama is being run by the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.

The play ‘Blackout’ - run by the Creative Learning department at the Lyric Theatre thanks to the support of Belfast Harbour and Phoenix Gas - tells the story of a young man called James who wakes up to find himself in a prison cell with no recollection as to how he ended up there.

The play has been performed in more than 25 schools across Northern Ireland in partnership with Hydebank Wood College and the PSNI.

The cast was made up of five actors who rehearsed in conjunction with young offenders in a local prison.

Some of these young offenders toured with the company and took part in post-show discussions sharing their experiences, in particular with Restorative Justice programmes, in the hopes to dissuade young people away from crime.