Whitehead good Samaritan pays injured tourist’s fare to hospital after fall

A good Samaritan act in Whitehead has won the praises of a visiting tourist injured in a fall.

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 3:23 pm
Whitehead Glasgow Rangers Supporters' Club (image by Google)

The woman is understood to have damaged an ankle after she had an accident on the promenade in the Co. Antrim seaside town.

But a quick-thinking man, who was in the nearby Glasgow Rangers Supporters’ Club, spotted the incident and came to her aid.

Jeremy Jones, a member of Whitehead Community Association, takes up the story: “A tourist from England arrived in Whitehead with her partner and was walking along the shore enjoying our peaceful promenade. Arriving at the little mermaid statue she climbed onto the wall with enthusiastic energy, however slipped, and unfortunately broke her ankle (one hour after arriving in our little town).

“The accident was spotted by someone in the Rangers Club, and the good Samaritan, helped the tourist (with partner) into the club.”

Jeremy added the man subsequently called a taxi and gave the couple £60 for the fare to the hospital.

“After a trip to hospital and getting sorted, the tourists returned to the Rangers Club to repay the good Samaritan. He point blankly refused to take the money and said that he would hope to be treated the same way, if something similar happened to him abroad.

“The tourists are eternally grateful, they love Whitehead and the people in it and your act of generosity will not be forgotten.”