‘Park at railway station carpark not Fergus Court’ commuters told

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Motorists are being urged to stop causing inconvenience to residents of Fergus Court in Carrick following complaints over parking spaces.

The issue has been highlighted by East Antrim DUP which has indicated that householders are unable to park outside their own homes.

Previously, Cllr. Cheryl Johnston said: “Elderly residents are unable to park at their own homes and it is also having knock-on effects for visitors, carers, etc as well.

“I would urge people to please adhere to the signs that are in place and leave this area for residents parking and park at a more appropriate location.”

East Antrim DUP has stated: “Once again, we are receiving complaints around parking at Fergus Court in Carrickfergus.

“There are plenty of spaces in the carpark in Carrickfergus Train Station, please use these instead.

“There are a number of elderly residents who are unable to park at their houses and it is causing a lot of hassle and discomfort.

“Please show some consideration for local residents when parking your car.”

One resident said: “I live in Fergus Court and that wee street is always full of cars parked. Cars park everywhere.”

Parking is also said to be a “nightmare” in the neighbouring Fergus Avenue and at Prospect Street with motorists reportedly parking in front of gates and driveways.

One commuter indicated that by 9.15am, there are no parking spaces left in the carpark at the station or the carpark at the DeCourcy Centre.

Another suggested that motorists park in the vicinity of Fergus Court due to difficulty accessing Albert Road from the railway station in the evening with drivers failing to observe the junction’s “yellow box”.

Translink has indicated that there are 294 spaces in its “Park and Ride” facility at Carrickfergus Railway Station and 16 spaces for the vehicles of disabled motorists as well as ten spaces for bicycles.