Often the difficult path is the road to success

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Church news

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” Matt 6-33

Often the difficult path is the road to success,

Keep gallantly on wherever you may be,

Mindful patience in time reaps its reward,

Just like the budding of the tree.

O make us more aware dear Lord

That you are always by our side,

Your pattern of living leads to the best

When we in your love abide.

There, we find joy and fullness of living,

Fully assured we are never alone,

Though many things we fail to comprehend,

Our every need to you is known.

May we do our part each given day,
Set out in faith to accomplish our best,

Though provision is made for each little bird,

It’s never thrown into the nest.

Doreen Craig