New Slimming World groups for Carrick

Diane Oliver and Shirley Hussey prepare to welcome newcomers to Slimming World in Carrick. INCT 02-660-CON
Diane Oliver and Shirley Hussey prepare to welcome newcomers to Slimming World in Carrick. INCT 02-660-CON

Two new Slimming World groups have been launched in Carrick.

Shirley Hussey and Diane Oliver, who already run successful evening groups in the town have opened a new Friday morning group and Saturday morning group.

This will offer Slimming World members more choice throughout the week, meaning members can choose the day which suits them best to attend group, Monday through to Saturday.

With 16.8 million people in the UK either overweight or obese, Slimming World wants to reach out to help and support those members of the public who are ready to make a change.

Shirley said: “Nowadays, people live such busy lives juggling work and family life and this can play havoc with our commitment to weight loss. So having two extra groups in Carrickfergus will give members more flexibility to get to a group and stay for all that extra support and encouragement that happens in image therapy every week.”

Diane added: “Lots of people will be making new year resolutions to improve their health and lose weight come the New Year.

“If you really want to live happy for the longterm, the key is to make healthy, realistic changes to your lifestyle that you can keep up for the rest of your life. Successful weight loss isn’t just about eating healthier food, but we need to think about becoming more active too, and at Slimming World, we do encourage members to build this up gradually and this can be key to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

“Slimming World has a fabulous food optimising plan which is flexible and generous, so if you love food, you will love food optimising.

“Members can satisfy their appetite on hundreds of healthy, every day foods like pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs fruit, veg and so much more without weighing, counting or measuring. You can keep hunger at bay with wholesome, healthy meals for the whole family like spag bol, roast dinners, curries, stir-fries, cottage pie, chilli, and not forgetting homemade Slimming World chips.

“Even when there are no time to cook days, you can enjoy a wide range of Slimming World meals exclusive to Iceland. Believe it or not, you can still cook and enjoy all of your favourite meals, just by tweaking them to a more healthier version.”

Shirley continued: “At Slimming World, we know that you don’t have to cut out treats completely to lose weight, and in fact, having a little bit of what you fancy can do you a world of good. No food is banned at Slimming World – we recommend a wonderful mix of flexibility in your every day eating along with just enough structure to enable fantastic weight loss each week.”

The ladies acknowledge that changing longterm habits can be “challenging”, and research shows that getting regular, effective support is a vital component in losing weight and keeping it off.

As Slimming World consultants, Diane and Shirley have both lost weight with Slimming World themselves. They are both fully trained to support members with understanding and empathy, as well as empowering members to learn how to make healthy choices they can keep up for life.

So, if you are thinking a Friday or Saturday morning group would suit you, why not come along and join Shirley on Friday January 13, at 9.30 am, at Loughshore Hotel. Ring Shirley on 0776 1968581 or join Diane, on Saturday January 14, at 9.30 am, at Carrickfergus Bowling Club. Diane can be contacted on 07776 132734. Visit to find out more about all the groups in the Carrick area.