New leisure centre comes under fire in 1979

Carrick Leisure Centre faced criticism in August 1979 after problems started to arise only four weeks after the £1.5 million building had opened.

Concerned mothers said that the safety pins which were attached to the locker keys may be used by children to stab each other, while others were worried that the pins may become loose and hurt their children.

With two doors being open at the centre, some youths had been using the side door to sneak in for a free swim.

This problem was soon rectified by the council when they stated that the side door should be locked.

Leisure centre staff at the time also said how they had to remove teens from the pool after they had stayed in the water longer than their session was meant to last.

At the time a colour system was used, with council officials trying to think up a new timing system.

Complaints were made by concerned users after the changing rooms had been left in a dirty state.

The council said that there were bound to be teething problems and that the dirty changing rooms were caused by dust blowing in from building work which had taken place.