New homes sought for vintage models of Carrick

One of the models of 1940s Carrickfergus.  INCT 35-721-CON
One of the models of 1940s Carrickfergus. INCT 35-721-CON

New homes are being sought for a series of scale models depicting various locations in Carrickfergus during days gone by.

The miniature scenes were initially housed in Carrickfergus Museum and Civic Centre, where they were on public display.

However, with the town centre location no longer able to host them, it is hoped that someone else can give the pieces a good home.

Showing Carrickfergus mainly in the post-war, 1940s period, locations include the town’s coastal area and Irish Quarter.

One piece shows Carrickfergus Harbour as it was before the car park was constructed.

Appealing for interested parties to get in touch was Jason Hartley, who runs Facebook page Carrickfergus-Online.

“The gentleman who made [the models] grew up in Irish Quarter; he made them once he retired to give him something to do,” Jason said.

“They were mostly from memory but he did use some photographs (for reference).”

Crafted from wood and sawdust, the intricate pieces have been painted with a high degree of detail.

Emphasising that the models are not intended to be used as toys, Jason added: “It would be good if they went to a school or a business that could display them.”

For more information, contact the Carrickfergus-Online page on Facebook.