Name of housing development a ‘tribute’ to Knockagh advocate

County Antrim War Memorial at Knockagh.
County Antrim War Memorial at Knockagh.

A proposed housing development will pay tribute to a man who was instrumental in the construction of the Knockagh Monument.

During Monday night’s meeting of the Mid and East Antrim Operational Committee, members were asked to consider three potential names for the development at Upper Road.

Three possibilities were submitted for consideration: Barton Hall, Barton Lodge, and Barton Gate.

The name references Henry Barton, who was the honorary secretary of the committee set up to raise £25,000 to erect an obelisk in local basalt with bronze panels, listing the names of all those from County Antrim who had died in the Great War.

The obelisk is better known as the County Antrim War Memorial or the Knockagh Monument.

Mr Barton was also the High Sheriff of County Antrim at the time, but unfortunately he passed away in 1935, one year before the monument’s completion in 1936.

He bequeathed a sum of £1,250 in his will towards the cost of the monument’s completion.

Following a review of the costs that would be involved, the former Antrim Rural District Council were asked to adopt the monument and pay the additional costs of £122 to have it completed.

A report presented to members on Monday night read: “The site of the proposed housing development sits right below Knockagh Monument and the monument can be seen from it.

“The developer feels that to name the development in such a manner would be a fitting tribute to the memory of Henry Barton.”

The Knockagh Monument was erected and dedicated to those from the County of Antrim who fell during the First World War.

It was later re-dedicated in remembrance too of those from the county who died in the Second World War.

During Monday night’s meeting, members agreed to name the new development Barton Hall, which was noted to be “the preferred option of the developer”.

Meanwhile, the local authority is also arranging the annual County Antrim Somme Commemoration service, which will be held on Sunday, June 26 at the Knockagh Monument.