‘More homes needed for elderly and singletons’

Cllr Andrew Wilson. INCT 03-655-CON
Cllr Andrew Wilson. INCT 03-655-CON

Knockagh councillor Andrew Wilson has been seeking clarification over the new £4.2 million Greenisland House sheltered accommodation at Shore Road.

Cllr Wilson has been advised that Greenisland House is due for completion in September.

Anyone interested in applying for housing at this location should contact Choice Housing by either telephone (0300 111 2211) or by email (enquiries@choice-housing.org).

Mr. Wilson has also asked the Housing Executive about plans to increase the stock of two bedroom accommodation in Carrick.

He has been informed that the trend for new dwellings in the Carrick area is for smaller households for single and elderly persons as well as small family units.

There are three schemes currently on site in the Carrick area to deliver 37 units of which 26 are two bedrooms. There are two schemes scheduled to start in 2017/18 to deliver 64 units, of which 54 are two bedrooms.