MLA blasts 'reckless' behaviour as used needles once again dumped at roadside

Image courtesy of John Stewart.
Image courtesy of John Stewart.

An East Antrim MLA has condemned an incident which saw used hypodermic needles dumped at a Carrickfergus roadside.

It comes just a month after similar drug-taking paraphernalia was disposed of next to a public walkway in the town.

Writing on his Facebook page, Ulster Unionist representative John Stewart said: "Absolutely disgusted to see yet another batch of used hypodermic needles being found in Carrickfergus. On this occasion they were shamefully abandoned on the Red Brae Road.

"It is just over a month since I had to deal with a similar situation on the Prospect Road and it would appear that this incident has many of the same hallmarks.

"The PSNI have been informed and staff from Mid and East Antrim Council have collected the needles are in the process of disposing of them.

"This behaviour is totally reckless and irresponsible and there can be no excuse for it. I have called on the PSNI to look into this serious incident and would ask those responsible to stop this now.

"Again if anyone has any information about this please feel free to get in touch privately or contact Carrickfergus PSNI on 101."

A spokesman for MEA Council indicated that there are a number of facilities for the safe disposal of needles across the borough, with sharps boxes available from the local authority’s waste and recycling department.

“Council is currently working with our partners to educate service users on safer methods of disposal and also to provide guidance to our communities should they come across any type of drug paraphernalia,” the spokesman added.