Mid and East Antrim has best quality of life

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Life doesn’t get any better for residents in Mid and East Antrim, according to a startling new survey from the Halifax bank.

According to the survey, adults (aged 16 and over) in the Mid and East Antrim Borough have the highest average rating for life satisfaction in the United Kingdom.

Based on a score out of ten, adults in this area have an average rating of 8.4.The UK average is 7.7.

Adults in Mid and East Antrim also believe that what they do in life is “worthwhile”, the highest average rating in the UK officially making them the happiest adults.

However, adults in Orkney Islands are the least anxious with an average rating of 1.9.

Halifax’s “Quality of Life” index aims to quantify where living standards are highest.

It takes into account indicators covering the labour market, the housing market, the environment, education, health, personal well-being and leisure.

The highest weekly average earnings are in Kensington and Chelsea, at £1,273 per week.

Employment is highest in the Shetland Islands, at 89.4 per cent.

Both Derbyshire Dales and Hambleton also have some of the highest employment rates (87.7 per cent).

Derbyshire Dales, Hambleton and Wychavon also have a “relatively large number of bars and pubs”.

The sunniest place in the UK is the Isle of Wight where residents enjoy an average of 36.9 hours of sunshine a week,

, but especially Derbyshire Dales