Mid and East Antrim Council election candidates nominated

A total of 68 candidates are to contest 40 seats on Mid and East Antrim Council at next month’s local government election.

Thursday, 11th April 2019, 1:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th April 2019, 1:52 pm
Voters go to the poll on May 2.

The May 2 poll will see councillors returned for the District Electoral areas of Ballymena, Bannside, Braid, Carrick Castle, Coast Road, Knockagh and Larne Lough.

The nominated candidates are as follows:


Matthew Armstrong (TUV), John Carson (DUP), Reuben Glover (DUP), Philip Gordon (TUV), Patrice Hardy (Sinn Fein), James Henry (independent), William Logan (DUP), Stephen Nicholl (UUP), Patricia O’Lynn (Alliance), Rab Picken (UKIP), Rodney Quigley (Independent), Eugene Reid (SDLP), Conal Stewart (Independent), Audrey Wales (DUP).


Philip Burnside (Alliance), Ian Friary (Sinn Fein), Timothy Gaston (TUV), Thomas Gordon (DUP), Stewart McDonald (TUV), William McNeilly (UUP), Jackson Minford (UUP), Tommy Nicholl (DUP), Andrew Wright (DUP).


Beth Adger (DUP), Roni Browne (Independent), Muriel Burnside (Alliance), Robin Cherry (UUP), Brian Collins (TUV), Julie Frew (DUP), Sam Hanna (DUP), Christopher Jamieson (TUV), Marian Maguire (Independent), Collette McAllister (Sinn Fein), William McCaughey (DUP), Keith Turner (UUP),

Carrick Castle

Billy Ashe (DUP), Lauren Gray (Alliance), Si Harvey (Democrats and Veterans Party), Cheryl Johnston (DUP), Noel Jordan (Independent), John Kennedy (UKIP), Jim McCaw (PUP), John McDermott (UUP), Robin Stewart (UUP), Nicholas Wady (Independent).

Coast Road

Andrew Clarke (DUP), James McKeown (Sinn Fein), Maureen Morrow (UUP), Gerardine Mulvenna (Allliance), Angela Smyth (DUP), Martin Wilson (Independent), Ruth Wilson (TUV).


David Barnett (PUP), May Beattie (TUV), Marc Collins (DUP), Bobby Hadden (Independent), Peter Johnston (DUP), Lindsay Millar (UUP), Noel Williams (Alliance), Andrew Wilson (UUP).

Larne Lough

Danny Donnelly (Alliance), Robert Logan (Alliance), Gregg McKeen (DUP), Mark McKinty (UUP), Paul Reid (DUP), Robert Robinson (Green Party), James Strange (TUV), Andy Wilson (UUP).